Flow into Your Goddess: A Yoga Journey

Safe, Wild woman, mother, maiden. Connect with your inner goddess letting her essence shine. Journey with breath into the sacred space within, as the fire of your core powers you through energetic, strenghthening asanas. This yoga class will facilitate a journey of flowing with flexibility, into union of body, mind and spirit, on and off the mat. This powerful practice guides us through our limitations, to the sweetness on the other side. We will end by cooling the body and melting into meditative poses; letting go in savasana, to the sounds of sacred song.


Winter is a passionate yoga practitioner, teacher, musician, and moon dancer.  She began her journey in the jungle of Costa Rica where she experienced the magic of connecting body, mind, and spirit through movement and breath. While there, Winter participated in Native American rituals and spiritual ceremonies, finding a deeper connection with the awakening Goddess within.

Winter is a 400hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher; she trained in Goa, India where she received a certification in Ashtanga Yoga and in northern California studying Transformative Vinyasa Flow yoga.

Winter strives to weave ancient traditions of healing, spirituality and awareness into her work. Using music as a vessel to deliver teachings of philosophies, Winter helps others bring awareness to the sacred space within, where we find our awakening source, and an abundance of love and gratitude for this journey.