All Aboard the Kombucha Train...Brew Brew!

Hello goddesses!

I'm Sarah B, a holistic nutritionist, whole food chef, cookbook author, and creatrix of My New Roots (sorry - always wanted to use that word...ha!)

I believe that food is the most powerful medicine we have in this world, and the choices we make around eating ripple far beyond the table. I am passionate about prevention and educating people on how to focus on the human body as a whole. I feel best when I am living as closely connected to the earth as I can, and I see food as daily communion with our generous planet.

At Goddess Camp 2016, I'll be leading a hands on kombucha-making workshop. I am a fermented food enthusiast with a particular passion for this misunderstood brew and it's powerful healing benefits. My class will teach you where and how to obtain the right materials, give a step by step demonstration on how to brew your own kombucha at home, the second fermentation process, tip and tricks...and we will even interact with a real, live SCOBY mama! Wow. Imagine.

Goddess Camp 2015 was a truly heart opening, perspective shifting dream that has moved me through so much this past year, so I am really looking forward to co-creating this time-space reality together once again.

A golden thread between our hearts,
Sarah B.