Goddess Camp began as a gathering of six women at a cabin in the woods. We laughed constantly, danced with reckless freedom, went for moonlit dips, woke up to morning meditation, ate whole delicious food, and relished in the wild. Each one of us shared our own wisdom that weekend, and absorbed the great wisdom of our friends. We left feeling strong, invigorated and supported by our community. We left wanting to do it all over again! Yearly, our gathering has grown in size and is a source of education and connection for the creators, dreamers and leaders of tomorrow. You are surrounded by the teachers that you seek.



Our mission is to create a safe, inclusive community for woman identified individuals of all ages, identities and backgrounds. By providing a space rooted in trust and respect, we foster connection and collaboration for growth.  



"But what wisdom do I have to offer?" Accepting that you (yes, you) are enough. It can seem like a tall order, but you are not here on this whirling blue planet by mistake. We all must figure out a way to own it. 'It' being everything that makes you curious, energized, or...darn right, nerdy. We know that you are just as epic as all the teachers surrounding you. Dare yourself to trust your own wisdom.



We invite you to be courageous. To share your story with your whole heart. By showing up and letting yourself be seen, you give others permission to do the same. We welcome all of you at Goddess Camp!



Building on the strength of the first three pillars, our overarching mission through Goddess Camp is to bring people together. In doing so, we give each other permission to step into our power! Through new connections we experience so much inspiration. Through inspiration we find strength, innovation and action. This never ending chain reaction has limitless possibilities for individual and collective flourishing, at camp and beyond.

who we are.


Goddess Camp was founded by The Aerie Collective - a wellness organization based in Toronto, and Brooklyn. The women behind this - Claire, Elle and Laura - began hosting WisdomShare gatherings in 2014. They haven't stopped since.

Co-Founder, Claire Bourgeois

Co-Founder, Claire Bourgeois

Co-Founder, Laura Sniderman 

Co-Founder, Laura Sniderman 

Co-Founder, Elle Bourgeois

Co-Founder, Elle Bourgeois