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Remembering Santhosha

This is me in front of an old stone house in the south of France.  I lived and worked here with the family of the house several times during the last year. I had asked my significant other to take a picture of me to put on LInkedIn but couldn't keep a serious face that would suit that kind of platform...and I believe that this picture probably conveys my nature better than the "professional" shot we ended up nailing after a while.

I am an anthropologist by profession and by nature, I guess. I was always interested in what moves us, the ways we move each other and the world, the ways in which we are similar and yet different across borders, nations and bodies. I recently started a ph.d project on mindfulness and meditation in Denmark and am excited and also overwhelmed by it.

I spend most days in Copenhagen where I share a house with five other people. We try to live together in a way that counters the fast paced everyday life we lead; cultivating the garden, eating together in the evening, listening to music, dancing all night. 

I am thrilled that everything worked out and that I am able to leave for Canada in September. I can't wait to exchange, live and laugh with all you women at the Goddess Camp 20165.

In 2014, I moved to India for five months to learn more about yoga, the asana practice, the philosophy and way of life embedded in the yogic teachings. I look forward to sharing my yoga practice with all of you and guide you through a hatha yoga class that will be inspired by the concept of "santoscha." Santoscha is described in the niyamas (the Patanjalis eight limbs of yoga) as gratefulness or contentment - an attitude towards oneself and one's milieu that is friendly and thankful. An attitude that is easily disturbed by ideas of not feeling good enough or maybe feeling better than everyone else. I will invite us to move in gratefulness and to contemplate on how to bring the state of santoscha beyond the yoga mat.