Finding Your Inner Rhythm: A Two-Part Journey

In this two-part workshop, we will unlock our inner rhythmic fire and move / sing our way into a deeper sense of self worth.

Beginning on Friday night with a 5 Elements Dance Journey, we will shake out the city and move our way into the present moment - allowing us to connect more deeply with one another and the incredible nature in our midst.

On Saturday night we will convene around a blazing fire, and I will facilitate a song exchange and some tips around unlocking your voice and speaking your truth. 


Born in Toronto, Canada, my journey began as many do - under the guidance of an inspiring teacher. Through this fateful meeting, I was introduced to the notion that loving both body and earth is the key to abundance, connection, and well-being. 

In my quest to understand connection I studied Humanistic Studies and East Asian Religion at McGill University. Upon Graduating I spent a year in India, Nepal, Indonesia and Africa where I dove into educating myself around cultural crafting, music, dance, yoga and meditation.  In returning to Toronto, I co-founded The Aerie Collective out of a life-long passion to create beautiful, healing spaces.  Goddess Camp is my favourite Aerie event, as it speaks to my understanding of wellness: that well-being lies in the power of self-love, and in our communion with one another and nature. I cannot wait to share in all the magic with you ladies this September!