Food is Life - Daily Culinary Sessions

Taylor has always had a deep adoration for food and the tasty creations provided by the earth. As the years have passed, she has grown into an even deeper gratitude for all that we nourish ourselves with, bringing in prayer, love and respect to our food.

The 'Food is Life' sessions are culinary sessions where you will take part in creating daily homemade meals - such an important and beautiful part of our Goddess Camp! It's quite likely that you will also experience a kitchen dance party, a prayer for produce, the creation of food mandalas, and learn some new tips and tricks in the process! All Goddesses are required to sign up for at least one session.



Taylor has always been passionate about food and its relationship to our well-being. Having been  brought up in a mindful Toronto home, her roots have been the nourishing foundation upon which Taylor's life and food philosophy have flourished - sustainability and balance. She attended George Brown culinary school and soon after placed her focus on nutrition. After graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Taylor has continued on to work for Fresh Canteen as the nutritionist and food photographer. Being present and pouring love into the food she makes is a staple of her offering. Through cooking with the Aerie Collective, Taylor looks forward to imparting her life mantra with you: “we are what we eat, so we should love every bite.” 


You could say I’m a bit of a delicate flower because of the sensitive little eco-system which is (was) my body. My childhood was plagued with health issues that seemed like they would never end. I had come to accept that feeling mediocre and constantly being sick was “just the way I am”. That was until I went traveling. During my adventures abroad I adopted new cultural diets, which totally transformed the way I felt both mentally and physically. This eye opening experience of using food as medicine led me to enrol at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I gained a true understanding of the magnificent human body and the holistic practices to live a vibrant life.

Hailing from the prairies of Saskatchewan, I work to bring a touch of the simple life to the busy lives of Torontonians through private nutritional consultations, workshops and group programs. My food (and life) philosophy is to simply keep it real. Real food. Real connections. I am ecstatic to pour my heart and soul into the Goddess Camp kitchen this year and look forward to making real connections with this amazing group of beautiful women.

Feeling mega blessed,


Website: www.heatherallen.ca

Facebook: Heather Allen- Nutritionist

Instagram: @bitewithlove