Yin Before Yang | Learning how to slow down

A yoga practice in defence of slow. A practice that will place yin (the passive) before yang (the active). Leading with the slow, we’ll venture into the depths of our sometimes hidden tensions to find release, to find new passageways and to create more space. We’ll slow down with the inevitable discomfort and meet ourselves in it, all of it. From slow and still, we’ll move with greater ease and awareness into flux and flow. And if we’re lucky, somewhere between the yin and the yang we’ll get to the heart of the imperfect balance that exists in all of our lives and all of our bodies and beings.


Curious and contemplative by nature, I know myself to be a collector of inspiration. I go looking for it at farmers markets, in alleyways coloured by street art, in conversation at gatherings with friends, in nature. The musings that result are what help me to make sense of the world around me. I’m passionate about helping the little guy and have spent nearly a decade working with and around small scale do-gooder entrepreneurs, helping them better understand and evolve their work. My yoga mat keeps me honest and serves as a trusted ally in the best of times and in the worst of times. I’ve been fortunate in the last 6 years to progress both as a student and teacher of yoga and am thrilled to be bringing a tiny piece of something I love to this year’s Goddess Camp.