A Morning Routine

"Today, may I be more mindful of my body, mind & speech in my interactions with others, and may I related to myself, others and events around me with kindness, understanding and less judgment."

Join me in the AM and cultivate your morning routine.

Each day at 6:30am, I will host a 30 minute meditation, stretching and free writing session to help you greet the day with a greater sense of intention and peace.


In work and life, I am inspired by stories - the currency of life.

Growing up with dramatic actor-parents and artist-neighbors in Toronto, I felt a pull towards storytelling in its physical, visual and written forms.

I moved away from home at 13 to study at The Quinte Ballet School of Canada - telling stories through choreography to my hearts content.

I craved to know a world beyond the perfection of bun-heads, and left to study Art History & Communication at McGill University and The University of Manchester. I love the way a painting can hold a world of meaning.

After graduating, I spent time in London and New York at a global communications agency. I worked on behalf of architects and designers, placing their stories in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others. Soon enough, the sedentary and structured hours got to me and I sought an escape. I was drawn to study yoga and meditation at The Integral Yoga Institute - an urban ashram in the heart of New York City. I had been practicing yoga for years, but never like this. My eyes were opened and a shift took place.

I was ready to rewrite my story, and said goodbye to the corporate world, received my RYT 200 at Yogaspace in Toronto, and began to lead a more purpose-filled life. Building The Aerie Collective with Claire and Laura fills me with an immense amount of joy, meaning and inspiration - I am thrilled to be co-hosting our second annual Goddess Camp and can't wait to meet you all!